Mariah Carey You may want to follow his advice and Advance carefully When demonstrated during the tyranny rule, activists advise.

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The traditional songbar will be held on Thursday for the first time in Saudi Arabia. Women rights activists want to support women arrested in the country.

Carrie, 48, reports that the abortionally conservative country has lost their strict entertainment restrictions, which has been reported to be the largest opening show in Saudi Arabia, but activists say the Carrie show is an attempt to improve the reputation of the Kingdom by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Saudi critic Jamal Khashogi was killed in a Saudi embassy in Istanbul on October 2.

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The singer's Reps told the Associated Press that "Hero"Singer" was offered to perform international and mixed gender audiences in Saudi Arabia, and Maria admitted that it was a positive step toward dismantling gender opportunities. "

The statement continued, "As the first female international artist performing in Saudi Arabia, Maria recognizes the cultural significance of the event and continues to support universal global efforts for equality."

In December, Saudi Arabia organized a Formula-E car race in Riyadh, which included concerts by Enrique Iglesias, The Black Eyed Peas and DJ David Gutta.

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The Saudi woman, Omar al-Nazzar, abandoned political asylum abroad to obtain political asylum abroad, which has been opposed by the Saudi-led war against Yemen's hottest insurgents, crowning human rights violations, and male protectorate laws that restrict women's freedom under oppression.

"The Saudi government is using entertainment to draw attention to human rights abuses because of anger in the public," he said.

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Al-Nazzar is the co-founder of the rights women in Saudi Arabia or WARSA, which has begun a call to Carrey to boycott the country. Al-Nazzar said that the petition was "publicly enforced by a petition filed by a petitioner," There is an authority to stand for women … an artist and a girl. "

Activists are directly tweeting in the car, who has long been promoting social change and women's empowerment, urging the attention of major Saudi women activists in May to capture. In the 20s, women, including activists, mothers, grandmothers and retired professors, have alleged that they are vague national security violations for their human rights work.

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Al-Nazzar, a carrier artist, said that conditions should be given to the release of women's rights activists in Saudi Arabia. The general boycott does not affect ordinary Saudis because many people would not be able to afford the tickets for the concert.

About $ 80 tickets and VIP seats for Carrie's office – already sold – cost $ 530. The average monthly salary for sadis is about $ 2,600, according to the General Authority for Statistics.

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Alia al-Hathloul Maria Carey called for her sister, Louzine al-Hathloule, to abduct her when she was arrested and threatened with execution, in which the woman was forbidden to ban the state before driving. Year.

"Thanks to my sister @Lujine Hathlowl, you can handle in Saudi Arabia, but I want her to be part of your concert but she locked her back in bars because she tried to improve the situation of women.

Saudi women's artist Ms Safa wrote on Twitter: "It's a long road when it's facing the world of William @ Maria Kare singing & # 39; no one has reached the hands of 4 U2 grip & # 39; prison # Saudi activists @ Lujinehathul @ Saudi Woman & @Azizaouf? "

Two women and al-Nazzar and others made their appeals abroad, where they did not face arrest expectations to speak.

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Carrie and DJ Tiesto run two hours to Israel's sacred site Mecca, with access to security. Despite two hours of travel from McCona to the city, some on Twitter were close to the area.

However, others defended Carey, many Saudi Arabian fans never had the chance to see any other artist in front of her or her artist:

The online flyer of the General Entertainment Authority for Carrie's concert shows only the hip from the red scarf worn on its sleeves. In Saudi Arabia, women have to wear loose, long black robes that are publicly known as abias. Most Saudi women also collect their hair and face.

However, this kind of concert can not be considered until recently. Religious police used to enforce strict gender separation, being leased into restaurants to demand unhappy women and music for not having their hair covered.

The change has strong supporters of the crown prince, who are trying to raise domestic spending and focus on their improvements.

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After Saudi agents closed close to the crown prince, attempts to brand as a reformist were killed and the Washington Post columnist opposed the expedition. U.S. Senate and U.S. Intelligence claims that the crown prince is responsible for the assassination, but Saudi Arabia has insisted that they have no participation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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