Lyme acknowledges that some of their models draw fire and break in half when they are surrounded (FILE)

Most days, when Ashanti Jordan changed to Broward General Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, she moved home from co-workers.

But on a sunny day at the end of December, members of the outgoing 28-year security guard family decided that they would go home on a 4-mile journey on Lime Scooter, which shattered the city streets.

Jordan, who was not wearing helmet at that time, was nearly halfway when he collided with the Toyota Coro in the housing area. Family members say that this submarine has thrown about 100 feet of Jordan and left her with broken bones, ribs and traumatic brain injury.

Now, six weeks after the accident, family members say that Jordan is in a continuous vegetable condition and is now suffering from seizures by the doctors forcing the doctors to return to the hospital's intensive care unit.

On Monday, Tracy Jordan, Ashanti's mother, is one of the world's largest electric scooter companies – his lawyer Todd Falzone, one of the largest electric scooter companies in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, according to a personal injury lawyer in Florida, in favor of negligence.

Falzone Lime's application language specifically refers to people not to work on scooters for local pedestrians, but instead push them into city streets.

While e-scooters have allowed the ride on the sidewalks, a motorized scooter on the street is opposed to Florida law and Fort Lauderdale.

As she follows Lyme's instructions, Falzone said, Jordan was forced to avoid the pedestrian and tragically injured.

"Today they are telling users to break the laws and as a result people are doing it," Falzone told a news conference on Monday. "They are getting hit by cars, they are pushing pedestrians, and they are facing all kinds of accidents."

"Unfortunately," she said, "the unrest is going to pay it with her life."


The lawyer suggests people not to work on scooters for language pedestrians in the Lime app, but instead push them into city streets.

Lime did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

The lawsuit came a week after Ireland's 21-year-old student was killed in an accident involving a lime scooter and a vehicle in Austin, Texas. Mark Sands, a third-party student killed in an accident involving lime scooters in recent months.

Centers for study of health risks associated with e-scooters study diagnostics and preventions by analyzing injuries to riders and pedestrians in Austin, Texas for two months. Last week, a CDC spokeswoman told the Washington Post that the study should be finalized in the spring.

According to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, high profile accidents caused controversy over devices when e-scooters arrived in November at Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

According to the Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue, between December 1 and January 31, there were 40 incidents involving scooters, "reports ABC affiliate WPLG. "A total of 31 people have to be transported to a hospital, and four of them are stages of 1st stage."

Lime has acknowledged that some of their samples are fire-and-drowned, investing heavily from Uber and Alphabet and, according to Bloomberg, worth more than $ 1 billion.

At the same time, investment money was pouring into limestone, with injured scooters pouring in emergency rooms across the country, and some doctors blamed companies such as Bird and Lyme that instigate a public health crisis.

Falzone said that Jordan was a tragic example of that crisis.

Falzone gave the Washington Post with a screen shot, saying he came from the Lime app's "rules and regulations". Rules – Which Riders Should "Accept" to Maintain a Scooter – Includes the following sentence: "Do not ride on the pedestrian path."

In addition to printing out of the scooter, the riders will see the same message three times in the app, Falzone said. He alleged that Lyme had violated its operating contract with Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which required the company to inform the riders how to safely and manage their scooters.

"I'm worried about people who ride on these issues and who do not think they're riding on the street or on the pedestrian path," he said. "You rely on the company to know local rules."

Falzone said his client had sought damages to compensate for potential disabilities, mental sadness, hospital costs, long-term medical care and income losses.

Prior to her injuries, Falzone said, Jordan is a woman who has an independent personality and has a great love for hip hop. After high school, he said, he decided he wanted to work in construction. Despite her toughness, she always had a special relationship with the children, even though they were her four sisters or neighbors.

In recent years, Falzone said, at the Jordan Broward General Medical Center, he received security work at his mother's workplace. She said that this work allowed two women to be close to each other.

At a press conference on Monday, Tracy Jordan is the daughter of her daughter, who helps her in recovery. She is faithful, but it's hard to avoid reminding her daughter's accident.

"I'm not looking for a scooter, it's very shocking at this point," she said. "I need to close my eyes."

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