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What has Furrell taught Pusha T?

Farrell-Williams and Push-T-FDDsGreat feeling, nothing, you win yourself. That's the lesson Farrell Taught Pusha T. When the couple first met when Push was a teenager. "People do not know, Farrell is always fashion-forward" Push Said in a new interview with Grail. "When I met them, they were local, they were not in the game, they did not make money, we were riding our bike through a street shit, though they were always fashion forward.

"I've been learning from them when we start playing with the idea of ​​making music, and they always said," The man, the risk maker, the number one, but the identifiable, your style is identifiable and separated by yourself. " This guy is the way to there. What can I do to do what I notice, but is it my own? & # 39; Taught balance, and how they hayagiruvudannu taught me to conclude that, because I had next to nothing to worry about. "

The Takeaway is here-you-yourself-and the world is finally caught and wants to ride your wave. As we discussed previously, the new and personality rap game is the king. Find your identity, create your character, and manage your role with affirmation.


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