Screen-shot-2019-01-17-at-4.27.57-PM-WiFiNoneral $ - 2/13 Philadelphia, PA on a tour with Rob Bank

Leading the blasting soundcloud rap scene wave, Difficulous One of the biggest rappers of 2018. Difficulous This will be in town later this week Performance at a voltage lounge on 2/13.

Two promoters of the Dark Trap revival of South Florida, Difficulous And Rob Bank $ Long-term friends and collaborators. Recently shared WiFi and Rob for their first joint venture Conn3ct3d, An 11-track set of worst slapers. Road, WiFi and Rob Bank have announced that their new items are $ trekking in 20 states "Conn3ct3d Tour"1.7 million monthly listeners are receiving followers on Spotify and over 700,000 social media platforms; DifficulousTheir developments were organic and cultured, with their fans spreading wild music with each release. Check out the new music and tour this week!

The dark content that describes their sole plans departs, both of whom enjoy each other's company at Conn3ct3d, which can compete competitively in a competitive race. With a similar production of Chris Dinero and others, and the scandalous Synth Slinger "Caro" and the elaborate piano-led epic "Wakus", boasting major tracks, Tape Rob & Wifi's 28-day "Con 3d 3D Tour".

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