President Donald Trump states that Republicans are "wasting their time" to negotiate with the Democrats on the borders of the border. And they say they do not expect much assistance from the Congress to build it.

Trump comments on Thursday came after Thursday's Democrats did not pay any money for a long-promising wall of the trump in Congressional talks on the border security fund.

Trump signed a three-week deal to reopen the government last week, giving Congress time to try to hand over the deal. He threatens to declare a national emergency to avoid Congress if he fails to reach the signature business.

But Trump seems to have already been damaged on the process.

They say, "Democrats, despite all the evidence, do not give money to build a stunningly needed wall, as proofs and carvans come."

But they say: "I'm surrounded by a wall already being built, I do not expect much help!"

President-Donald Trump re-adjusts his rhetoric on his proposed wall across the US-Mexico border.

When congressional negotiators began negotiations on the border security budget Wednesday, the Democrats did not pay any money to the trump wall. Republicans who angling for compromise have changed the word "barrier" to use the word "wall".

Troop Thursday used all the tweets on tweets on Thursday. He talked about the rhetoric shift: "From now on, Wals call them and stop playing political games!" They say: "A wall is a wall!"

Nonetheless, in recent weeks, Trump has changed his rhetoric, saying he wants "steel planks" instead of the "concrete wall" he promised during his campaign.

Words for the Democrats are more delicious and "barrier", "wall", "steel planks" and "peaches" are at one point – the only one you want to call. "

Before the February 15 deadline, Trump and Democrats opposed the border funds.

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