On Monday night's rally in El Paso, Texas, President Donald Trump defended the Second Amendment by recalling the Battle of Gonzales and saying "Come and Take It".

When he began to talk about these American issues, he began to talk to the citizens around this country and to talk about thousands of people flowing to the building to hear Trump.

He said, "We believe in the right to religious freedom, the right to rhetoric, and the right to sustain and strengthen the weapons."

After a few more comments and massive applause, Trump reduced its opinions, particularly the love of freedom cited by the Texas State. He said, "William Travis, James Bowie and Davy Crockett are the state that made their last stand in Alamo."

Trump later added, "A small band of patriots declared that the Gonzalez war, armed with a single gun, kept the foreign and powerful army down and called it & Take It."

He looked around during the rolling applause and again said "Come and take it".

On May 4, 2018, Brettart News Reported Trump Gonzalez referred to the war during the NRAA annual meeting.

Trump said:

In 1835 the soldiers of the General Santa Anne went to the town of Gonzales, Texas, and ordered the Texans to surrender their tiny cannons and urged them to defend their lives and protect their homes. Texans Rejected! They do not give up their only way of self-defense.

He continued:

In response, Santa Anne's army returned with a large number of additional people. They both were on the spot … [but] At this time dozens of Texans met him … they brought him to Gonzales to defend their rights and independence. As Santa Anne's men looked away, those brave Texans lifted the flag to see everyone. In the banner he painted the cannon with four words echoed by age. "Come and take it".

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