What I am proud of is always trying to be polite. Open doors, please, thanks for being part of my etiquette weapon. I do not think I can go through a trip to a foreign country, but at least place me in a position I can not bot.

I do not think there really is something that sets your preparations for a place where you are foreign, your language is not strong, but all honesty has not challenged me. The truth is that English is actually installed as a universal language, and our tour guide in Vatican has also said those exact words. English did not speak in one place I visited in Spain and Italy.

It does not mean that it's a soft trip. There is still a barrier to take time and patience to prevent it, but hope makes it easier. It was fun when I realized that some delicacies could be taken, because it was a lot of people thinking in my life because there was such a lack of patience at home. But that's a matter, maybe not expected to take a while. It's English at home and so it's cut and dry, it's not true.

Learning some basic words, be patient and polite I have made it so soft, but it probably is my body language. At home, I'm working on informative and patience and can not & # 39; ve eliminated any big deal & # 39; Behavior. It really made the trip smooth in my opinion. I did not upset that things were taken longer.

And there were things to communicate with people in businesses. On trains, we have concerns and comments about Americans in our travel groups, but I can not enjoy their thinking process myself and I should not be scrupulous.

& # 39; It will not take any effort to wear a smile. & # 39; It comes to mind but I'm not really sure it & # 39; s a jerk & # 39; One of my life philosophies and how it works is not really matter in the long run or just a few minutes now. And people traveled on the tour and can tell you that it's just a drain. & # 39; You are in Italy. How can this not be defeated? & # 39; And that's why I think I have a wonderful tour. And in fact I brought back more and feel good.

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