By Miko Peld

We will publish this report by the author of the Israeli-American peace activist Mico Peld General Sun: Israeli Journey in Palestine And Injustice: The Story of the Holy Land Foundation Five. Peld currently works in a book on the Zionist flood of the Alle-Orthodox (Haredi) Jewish community.

When visiting Belfast a few years ago, I am going to see a large, outdoor mural of late IRA volunteers. Bobby Sands. Following the portrait of Sands, there is a reference to saying, "Our children's vengeance is our vengeance".

Bobby Sands Mural

Bobby Sands died of hunger after 66 days on May 5, 1981. Early in February, I was able to hear their words when I visited the Ultra Orthodox (Haredi) community in New York – as I was driving thousands of young Haredy Jewish children early in the morning.

The community was built by the Hungarian Jews, the survivors of Auschwitz, and decided to revive the progressive Jewish communities in Eastern Europe before the Nazis destroyed them.


During the Second World War, the Nazis completely destroyed the Haredi (radical Orthodox) Jewish community. In what community many people see miracles and others seem to be simply unexplained, Repeat Sattar's Rabbi Yeel Teatelbaum – city Szatarmany, Now Hungary Sacrifice, Romania– One of the exchange agreements between the Zionist movement and the Nazis was rescued. ("Rebab" is the term used for the main rabbi of the Hussein community.)

Satmar Rebbe, Rabbi Yeel Teatelbaum. 1887-1979

When they arrive in New York after the war, they are told Repeat Ten conservative Jews could not even realize that he could pray. Today, in the years since the Holocaust, as a result of Rabbi Yoyl's supernatural efforts, the Sattar community of the strictly celebrated Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community is bursting in layers.

Rebecca's dream to rebuild in America, where the Nazis destroyed in Europe. Now, upstate County, New York, County County, County, after town, is building housing and religious and educational institutions faster than eye blinking but still fast enough to adjust community development.

"See all these new homes," says Rabbi Yerol Dovid Vice. "These are open spaces when I go here!"

He was running me in his old Chevy suburb. It was a few hours earlier this Friday Shabos, Holy Jewish Sabbath, and every Friday afternoon in their tradition, they were giving flowers and gifts to the people they needed. We have stopped the way to drop some things in their children's homes, some of them living in that area. They showed the old Yashivas, the religious schools. "They are filled with new ones," he said.

Community youth and women marry between the ages of 18-20 and start a child in a year. "We do not make a family plan," says Rabbi Weis, "I have children, thank the average God, eight people for each family." If you are eight, ten or more children are not unusual to see the family. The community is living normally and cared for the needy. A. Khusuna, Or wedding, for example thirty thousand dollars. The community has a pool that pays these costs and includes all the cost of the wedding and the garments and the newlyweds end up in their lifetime.


When Shabos Sundown begins around, Rabbi Weiss wears his special holiday clothes and his shirtmill, just worn Shabos And Yomtou, Or religious holidays, and he and I are headed Shill, Or synagogue. The night is dark and there is no sidewalks. We are going to walk along the busy road, we welcome other Haredy Jews, all walking, some, with some young children:Gut Shabos. "

"Gut Shabos, & # 39; answers, we all rush to pray for the evening.

Rabbi Wies (left) with Rabbi Moshe Dove Beck at Rabbi Beck's home in Mancy, NY

"There is a fee in every corner," Rabbi Weis suggests, "but we go to Rabbi Beck's fee." Rabbi Moshe Dove Beck, described me as a sage and a holy person. They left Jerusalem after the 1967 war. They did not want people to think they were supporting the military exploits of the Israeli army, who were less than the Zionist state of Israel. Notice the size of a large poster that says no support to the State of Israel is in the Shool wall beside their home.

When we entered the Shool (a little late) many people were ready. Many come to welcome us "Gut Shabos"As we mentioned, again, I thought of Bobby Sands, which has been in Europe for centuries, many young Jews wear in them Talis, Or prayer shouts, singing at the top of their voice in a heartfelt attempt to reach the Almighty, praying with deep, deep devotion.

Rabbi Weis showed me in the prayer book and made sure I was with him. But honestly, I find it incredibly tough.

I'm starting to see around me that I do not want to see in the prayer book. I look around and want to take it all. Also, I can read the passages in the prayer book and even though the whole book is fully understood as in Hebrew- or what the Harethi Jews call Lochen Kodesh, The Holy Language- I could not follow Rabbi in front of a loud prayer. The modern Hebrew taught in Israel is not the same Hebrew used by the Hareidians. Their pronunciation is different than the one adopted by early Zionists, and instead of being firmly persuaded, my eyes again float to the people, especially the young people in the room.


Once, I asked Rabbi Mohe Dove Beck's sons, Rabbi Elhanan Beck, how I explained the development of this community in this modern era. His answer is "Shelo Kederech Hateva", Translate it as" Beyond our perception; The only explanation for gratitude and the will of Almighty is explained. "It's as secret as I've seen, it's the most follow-up, completely separate and strict religious community. How do young people want to stay in the age of independence and every bit of information practically and on every bit of information on the internet?

Rabbi Elhanan Beck lives in the Stamford Hill neighborhood of London, UK, with some 30,000 ultra-Orthodox Jews. Like his father, he is a respected religious leader who has also played a voicemail against Zionism. "I'll give you 100 pounds for each Israeli flag you see on Stamford Hill," she proudly said.

Rabbi Beck visited UK labor leader Jeremy Carbin many times. Last September, he drove from London to Liverpool (as shown on the head of this post), opposing Corbin Anti-Semitism, to stand with Corbin's support. The allegations of throwing him from the Zionist groups in the UK, due to the uncompromising stance of Corbin of Palestine.

For the anti-Semitic, in response, especially to the people who find the right response to the Holocaust, the developing Haredi Jewish community is exactly the answer. It is not intended to equalize or hide any aspect of its identity or lifestyle and is a community that does not have anything and does not want anything less than who they are. They took the land of other people, did not expel anyone, and the dream of the resurrection was not really hurt by one person. In fact, their vengeance is their children's humor and devotion.

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