President Dunald Trump has yet to decide whether to return to the Congress negotiator to partially shut down the government's shutdown, the White House said on Tuesday, the future of the deal with money in the US-Mexican border, but security in the hope of its promised wall.

See also from the Mexican side of the Ciudad Juarez border in Mexico, El Paso, Texas in the United States and Ciudad Juarez, astronomers and US border petrol officers working in a section of the new wall, February 5, 2019. Reuters / Jose Louis Gonzalez / File photo

Democratic and Republican negotiators made a temporary agreement to keep several government agencies, including funding, by September 28, within the Security Department and the Security Guards and Money Security Department on Monday night. The temporary fund for the fourth government will end on Friday.

Democrat Nita Lowe, headed by the House of Representatives Reserve, told CNN: "I am careful that we will get through it." "We can not shut down the government."

Asked whether the Republican president had suggested a bipartisan agreement, Lowe replied, but the U.S. regulating the chamber House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats said it had support.

An official of the White House said that Trump, a government-abandoned 35-day part with his December demand to help build a border wall, has not yet agreed to help build a border wall.

"No decision was made," the official said.

Republican Senator Richard Shelby, who was set up by the House-Senate Committee at the end of last month, said he had temporarily agreed to pay for border security programs.

The final deal is expected at the end of Wednesday. Financial legislation is required to be approved in the House and Senate and to be signed by Trump.

Trump last month agreed to end a suspension without paying a wall, which the Democrats opposed. The shutdown flew into financial markets and left hundreds of thousands of federal workers and contractors without pay.

The long-promising wall of Trump is the cornerstone of its presidential campaign. They can pay from Mexico and U.S. Said he would not be made by taxpayers.

The agreement included $ 1.37 billion for new fencing along the 55-mile (90 km) south border, but said that the deal would only include existing designs such as "steel bollard" fencing. It also reveals immigration detention beds.

Trump decided to sign the law with the support of congressional Republicans, or alongside the conservative critics of the president, such as Fox News Sean Hannity, calling it "garbage reconciliation" on Monday. Support the border security efforts against the wall.

Trump threatens to announce "national emergency" if Congress does not give him a wall.

"So you know – we're building a wall," said the border of Temp Texas in a rally in El Paso in the city, shortly after the agreement reached. "Probably made progress – maybe not."

Considering the White House race of 2020, former Democratic Congressman Beto O'Brien of Texas accused Rooney of "lying fear" of immigrants to immigrants, and Roorkee's home in a nearby protest saying "lying" about El Paso.

Without new funding, federal agencies would have to suspend some activities this weekend from publication of major financial information for the management of national parks.

Report Richard Cowan; Additional reports from Susan Cornwell and Steve Hollande in Washington and Roberta Rampton in El Paso, Texas; Edited by Will Dunham

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