Snippets were detected when construction workers were searching for an old store at Hazratie Bajaar.

"About two months ago, the owner of Hazrat Baaz's old storeaR. Some clay soil materials were discovered, "a report said.

The Tehran Municipality does not release excavation permission by artistic cultural heritage, handicrafts, and Iranian tourism organization. Now finding pieces and parts of human bones, ICHTO There is a fruition to preserve the pieces.

Since then the archaOrganization ecologists have been involved in discovering and base historical pieces.

According to Head The Department of Archeology I amStudies conducted in several historical texts and reports from the Khajar Dynasty's tourists have left the CHTO, Formofication Hazardi was found in BajaaIran belongs to the Shah Abdul-Azim Temple in Iran. Descendants of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), hHe got there after his death in the 9th century.

The I amThis is the first time that some architectural pieces of the Safafid era have been discovered in Tehran.

In the interview Fars news agency, Said that the main findings include pieces of clay that are much more useful in historical studies. The sticks already have Had come Transferred to research Center For more investigations.

Explaining Hazrat BazaraThey said there are other historical pieces, including some gloss pieces and borders from historical eras.

Excavation took place in the 80's basement-Meter Shop. Efforts are ongoing, official said, To store the historic pieces and to turn the store into the museum to attract more visitors.

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