2018 was difficult for most people in the media, but especially for these monsters gallery. For some, it was MeToo, others, more than industry headwinds. And even more, shame and shame came just after saying the wrong thing.

Les Moon's: Once celebrated for CBS's leadership, Moonways faced many charges of sexual harassment and abuse, which he ultimately dismissed. In December, CBS said he would refuse a $ 120 million savings package.

Laura Ingram: The Fox News host, who was also a division on the right, lost the losers, and began shooting in March for a sponsor boycott against the Parkland shooting David Hogg. After months, advertisers are alert about appearing on the show.

Michael Ferro / Tronck: Michael Ferro's leadership now makes Tronck synonymous with misconduct. In addition to eliminating the top job from the #metue scandal over his head, Ferro is now facing charges of anti-criticism and paying for a LA Times editor with goods in the tape.

Media Publishers: On the left, the Watley Standard came to the right publisher by Michael.com to beat one, and some were completely closed. With some exceptions, heritage stores saw a print sales decline, but digital first characteristics are facing a poor economy that makes pageviews profitable.

Brettart: The name you probably did not hear for a while. When it became an important part of the engine that made the Trump's inaccurate election, the website has long dropped more radars. Continuous pressure campaign against Sleeping Giants to advertisers is also lower than advertisers on the site.

Mark Lamont Hill: Following a CNN routine, Hill lost his job on the network after criticizing Israel and Palestine in the UN. A pottery photo with Luis Farrakhan – who left the Jews – did not help matters relating to him. He is a university official at the temple.

CBS and 60 minutes: This year the network and their marquee news programs have defeated this year. Executive producer Jeff Fagor, "60 Minutes", was forced into the Metue scandal, but details of the investigation initiated by the network generally hit the media before high performance.

Michael Avewatty: Just a month ago Donald Trump's lawyer, Lawyer representing Stormy Daniels, was considered a serious presidential candidate. His reputation hit Brett Kavanagh after claiming a questionable MeToo claiming that he had been booked on charges of criminal domestic violence in November (although he could not be charged).

Andy Luck: The heads of MSNBC / NBC News had the roughness of 2018. His network resolution echoed the passing of Ronan Farrow's historic myth. His big bet in Megin Kelly also lost and became multi-million dollar ulcer, which remains far away from resolving.

Gavin McInnes: Always on the edges, McInese founded himself as the head of the CRWV, online pioneers and his own (occasionally violent / ethnic) cousin organization, The Proud Boys. By the end of 2018, CRTV was banned from dropped Twitter and resigned from The Proud Boys.

Integration Spending $ 135 in 2016 in 2016. The governor media and most of them have misused past characteristics Called By their owner writers. In the midst of editorial and widely dismissed elsewhere, Univision revealed that they were trying to cut down their losses and down and down websites.

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