Indonesian President Joko Widowo has called for a ban on canning habits called cruel. (AFP)

Ashe, Indonesia:

On Thursday two teenagers were milked in Indonesia Aceh province after being caught in public cuddling – a crime under the Islamic law of the Conservative province.

Penalties are used for gambling, drinking alcohol, and area offenses at the edge of the Sumatra island, including gay or ties outside the marriage.

In the provincial capital Bandara Asha, 17 women watched every woman university student and their boyfriend 17 times out of the mosque.

The local grocery store also hit a 35-year-old Rotten sugarcane near a 40-year-old woman.

All four were serving jail for several months before being convicted.

On Thursday, the 40-year-old woman immediately begged him to be able to get out of prison, but the medical team postponed her shot after she was considered physically ineligible.


The practice of whipping is practiced by Islam in the majority of Muslim population

Ishe, the nation of the world's largest Muslim majority, imposes Islamic law.

"People outside of Asia now feel that they are really tolerant and humanity, which the Islamic Sharia (law) is cruel," Bandala Ashe deputy mayor Zinal Arifin told reporters.

In December, two men who were sexually attracted to little girls flew 100 times each.

Rights groups slam public calling into cruelty, and Indonesian President Joacho Widowo has called for an end to it.

But this practice has extensive support in the majority of the Muslim population – 98% of nearly 5 million residents practice Islam.

Earlier this year, in the future, prisoners said that the strikes would be made behind the walls, but some local governments continued public whipping.

Following special privilege in 2001, the adoption of religious law was adopted by the central government to suppress the long-standing separatist insurgency.

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