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Pusha T x Forbes interview, Grammy nomination and new album coming soon

Bisnoff: How did Daytona feel to receive a Grammy nomination for a rap album of the year?
Pasha T: It's really overwhelming, honest with you. I've been watching Grammy for a long time and I'm really young and never liked my favorites. At first, they were not nominated and my favorites were boycotted when I started to nominate as I was older. Finally, I knew that some really great rap artists, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and recently, they have a new system of how they even implemented rap people. I thought I was really a dope and trying to make sure that the hip-hop community representative in this category was strong. I'll be nominated this year and I think this category is great. While social media or talking about them, I'm in some way, all the albums composed in shape or form and I'm happy to be one of them.

Bisnoff: In the longest way of your career, how can you finally get such recognition?
Pasha T: I love it, it's special. I do not personally think rap artist with me, this straight street-based thing, something that satisfies the purity of the rap, and I do not know when it happens to my caliber artist. There are many sub-species of rap today, somebody doing this, I did not see it, I do not know when I look at it. I do not want my album to be reasonably skeptical, but in comparison, I feel like artists like myself or Jay-Z, we never recognize in our purest form. We are mature and then we hit commercial success levels and we are recognized when our first album has always been critical acclaim. Daytona is still driving rap for pure street music, saying people are Wah, and I do not know if the album taken by this method will be nominated. & # 39; "

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