If someone asks me that Megan Markley and Kim Kardashian are common, then I need a second to come up with the answer not clear. Yes, we all know it's the most talked about celebs for 2019, but when it comes to beauty they are poorer. Kardashian is rarely identified without makeup full face, including mask, contour and full flying. On the other hand, Marcell is just-there's the defending champion of makeup. So when we get the news The A-Leices reach the same cleanser, We know that the above product should be a game changer.

In a recent interview Elle, Makeup artist of Kardashian Mario revealed the inside scoop of Didivanovic Joined Markley's Go: Toucha's classic rice Polish. If you are not familiar with the Japanese skin care brand, let me start by saying that it's a premium. As a beauty editor living through Budget friendly products, I have to admit that I drop a beautiful penny Products of Tchaia Because luxury formulas make miracles on my acne-affected skin.

Touch rice Polish Kim Kardashian and Meghan Markley are a very unexpected thing in common


Kardashian and Markley's favorite, Classic Rice Powder-previously known as Toucha Rice Enzyme Powder, This is again referred to in March 2014– Breaks the dead skin without the abrasions that make small cuts on the skin (and inflammatory inflammation) is a smooth ephylator. It starts crushing, but transforms into foam when activated with water. Foam contains rice and papaya enzymes, which purifies the dirt and hole-closing debris collected, as well as your complexion of radiation and radiation by hitting the dead skin. What is our favorite part of this recipe? It's easy to use a few times a week, so you can pour it like a royal reggae.

Although these two celebrities choose the original version of this polish, it is also available in other three formulas. Classic rice Polish ($ 65; sephora.com) The face may look like a masked investment, but if it is close to the Markley and Cardiacian-appropriate complexion we will be 100 percent on the board.

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