I have never run a marathon in my life, but I guess it's a little less enjoyable for about four hours of grammys broadcast. Perhaps the Grammys are not that bad, but what are they doing in the heck? Unlike the years before the politics of these awards have been, unlike the years before, it was as quickly as you could not have been, it was just a show, those golden gramophones.

You find success for the second film you dream of as a musician in your entire life and invite you to the biggest nightclub in music. Imagine that you have become more successful in your work as the best year of your work. Then you are asked to build it for 30 seconds, and you will not be able to waste time and time for gratitude to people who have helped you with people to get out of the platform. This is one of the fastest moments of your career.

During the broadcast, about four hours of Grammy performance and only eight real titles were awarded. Eight! Every half hour is given a trophy out. Eight speeches have been given for four hours, but the night's most important are low. She did not think she was going to win because Kasie Masgaves got the win and she was ready to go to the party and move to the party. He first won the night but was so big that moment or did not have time to talk to anyone.

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How to dispute Let's say, the artist is rejecting the award itself. What about the winners who call the head of the Grammys? Drake's win was not surprising for a good rap song for "God's Plan". Aberrey Graham gives a big talk, "If you've been your home leader, you already won if you've got people who sing your word for the word you've already won.There are people with regular employees in rain and snow, if you spend their hard-earned money to buy tickets to get your shows, You need this right Will not I tell you, you've already won. "Before they cut off. Apparently Grammys apologized and said he would continue his speech after the break but he did not run home Drake's speech already.

Cutting a droke is an accident but not trying to push du Lipa from the podium. Recording Academy Chairman Neil Porto last year Criticized women Of the industry. When Dua won the Lipa, he was sure to remember Proteo. The music of the passing and intentionally but not in any way. If you are considering stumbling in the beginning before playing the music, she got about a minute. Cardi B was two minutes before the music play started, and we remember the boyfriend Gamboo won twice and was not present, so did not use enough time.

Asked about the lack of women winners in the same Variety article, Grammys TV producer Ken Ehrich said, "It's not what I'm talking about, I'll make a TV show." That's what happened with the Ariana Grande. She sings the monster song after the song, but for the show she is also featured on the # 7 Rings & # 39; But did not appear to be in commercials during the broadcast. There are eight awards, no real speeches during the four-hour show and you can not fit it. Apparently the recording academy has not learned one thing.

See that no one wants hours speech but the awards are all the same; No politics and stop getting longer. At all times, you can not please everyone and do some people with different shows that some people like but politics and it is very harmonious throughout. The show was ahead but the TV shows were low. Heck, the academy has been talking about himself & # 39; as the last remembrance remembrance of this year. That's okay and do not have to be on TV. Definitely with cool respect and performances, but this is a title.

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