Typically, it is a solid season of the award Red carpet. But Sunday night Grammys The fashion was extraordinarily quiet and closed.

Without Beyoncé, Rihanna, Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande show up after creative differences with award-winning producers (but In the Instagram she wore her Zac Posen Gown However, the Diva aspect was below, with the exception of CardiB's Vintage 1995 Fifties, Thierry Muggler Venus and Jane Paul Galtier Couture Mini-dress Jamele Moone receive Armchair critics.

Lady Gaga, also known as the 2011 Grammys in the Armani Egg Pod, also wears a silver, adjacent Raphael gown from Hendie Slymann (now she is a movie star) for Celine. She attended her first female ArtWoo show in October).

Long ago it was about going to be a nude look; Jennifer Lopez went with normal, crystal-decorated mint green ralph and Russo column goun, and covered her face with a wide-edged cap, Miley Cyrus worked around an enclosed 2019 mugler suite, HERR The custom coach emerged at Purple Jacquard Jumpsuit.

Apart from up-ups for Joy Villa and Ryky Rebel, up to last year's white roses and political fashion statements were minimal compared to all-white clothes to show solidarity with the time-up movement. Former First Lady Michelle Obama was amazed, and turned on stage and stood in the paper bag; But wearing a New York-based Green Sequin suit Sachin and Bobby Instead.

"It's a dream come true, "Sachin and Bobby Ahluwalia, designed by Stylist Meredith Cooper, worked to create a custom look." We originally discussed a printed silk pant suit and then suggested some other glamorous versions of it. The Deep Laden Green Sequin version is ideal and we think Meredith is a dream to work when it's open to our creative suggestions and it works! "

Power is a pink color trend. Exhibit A: Camilla Cabello's Armani Prive Rose crystal column gown. The 21-year-old participated in the rod. The initiative launched by costume designer Arien Phillips asks for fashion brands to wear stars Red carpet To donate to Save the Children in the Cabello case. Instead of referring to Ryan Seacrest's red-carpet interview, he promoted his new MasterCard advertisement.

Pusha T., Dears Kim Jones seized Friday's Friday night in LA, representing the Sunday brand, wearing a black tuxedo with crystal bezel lapals, and Leon Bridges influencing the fashion audience while performing Tom Ford's fall in 2016. To show, the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund features the hand painted by the ultimate look of the senior ropes suit cool Bode.

Several luxury brands came out on the dressing nominees (Versace, Massino, Gucci) and others concentrated on BAFTAs in London, on Sunday night, Cate Blanchett opened a new brown brown color and the destroyer-looking Christopher Kane dress, and Lily Collins and Margot Robbie wears a fresh-of-runway design .

Perhaps they are saving the best of the past, the Oscars coming on February 24th.

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