Together with the desire to achieve, big corporations have been able to succeed in capturing millions of people around the world who want to reach the league or the land on a Billboard charts one day. As well Nike Expresses the spirit of athletes who are interested in excellence Apple Represents the innovative characteristics of the world's most connected.

Adidas The creators have to actively restructure businesses and disrupt business models. Significant change-with roster-like maker Kanye West And Farrell Williams, The apparel company is aiming to represent today's ambitious multi-hypnotates, reflecting the impact beyond the singular section.

Julian Mitchell: Explain the complexity of the complexes of this year's year and why is this experience important for introducing the conference?
Torben: Inspired Our biggest source is always our customer, and we have a consistent response to our brand events and experiences. We are challenging to show the distance between cultural icons and their fans in CompoConson when offering a good product through the entire digital shopping experience. In addition to our new design with Pasha T, at the Complexconon we have worked closely with them at one time to provide local aspiring musicians. As part of the Sound Labs program, Pusha T has chosen to get music development grants.


Michelle: As the Founder Partner of Complexcon – How do you see what is your vision when developing the concept and where does it stand in 2018?
Farrell: The source of Complex Con is always celebrating culture and connecting with people. Every year, I see complexexcons grow, bringing more brands and consumers more reliably together. From the beginning, it's always about connecting with creators and inspirational conversations – and we're doing it.

Michelle: What does the Complexconcon valuable platform for culture do and how do both brands and artists reach the experience?
Pusha T: Complex con culture is valuable because people attending are overall music, lifestyle, fashion and super fans of hip hop culture. You see that your demography is not just music, but every part of pop culture. You know what power is. Companies see what their customers are just outside of their brand and learn to merge them all together.

Michelle: Adidas Originals is a brand celebrated in winning the creative class – why is it important to the brand and in what role do you see the brand in making contemporary culture?
Torben: We have seen that we are always playing a role of the connector in a creative mind. As a brand, we are able to provide a platform for creative minds, otherwise they may not have access. We are through these official contacts that are invited to a culture-making conversation.

Michelle: How has the brand vision and narrative evolved around the creators and what effect do you expect to continue?
Torben: Like the brand, we put creativity in the middle of everything we do. We push ourselves beyond what has happened in advance to create something completely new and innovative. By inviting others, we expand our creative community to authorize new generation creators.

Michelle: Adidas describes your Adidas history and how collaboration evolved?
Farrell: We are in a long-term relationship and have collaborated for a while now. Through our partnership, I was able to evolve the HU concept found on the principles of unity, equality, humanity and colors by finding inspiration in all respects. Glory and inspiration for giving the global platform to different creators.

Michelle: You are an active partner and collaborator with Adidas Originals – explain how the relationship evolved for you and how to work with a perfect brand?
PUSH T: Adidas Originals are simply perfect for work because they really make your contribution synonymous with your brand, your role and your compliance. Adidas is a trusted partner, who respects the creators who have built their own.

Michelle: As the brand leader of global lifestyle – how do you explain the present convergence of music, marketing and technology?
Torben: Music is a heart attack of a culture that combines the audience with organic matter. Although partnerships continue to grow in recent years, we continue to have two-way conversations with talent. In this way, artists and brands tend to be keen on finding new creative stores and opportunities. Its main part is emerging technologies. New forms of digital communication make the process of collaboration easier and easier. It was not so easy to work with artists and brands. It facilitates the wonderful things that come together with the words and thoughts that ever come to reach places.

Michelle: As a Career Artist for Over a Decade – How Do You Describe the Current Decision of Music, Lifestyle and Culture?
Pusha T: The current intersection is over all the time. Hip-hop is not just a musical but with fashion and lifestyle. In the past years, we have seen that the music has led the race. But now, with the social media of energy, all three elements are the same and all together. That is why I believe artists and various industries are very important for artists to become an artist, and they depend on the sole craft that is well-crafted and show the true value of the hip-hop culture.

Michelle: What role do you believe the brands play in influencing and shaping contemporary culture?
Pusha T: Brands are critically important because their range is so powerful and they can help you enhance your voice. A way to expand your audience and reach a wide audience across the globe. This is especially important for speaking to brand partners to stay reliable and to be a real partner, not just creatively and to benefit from their cultural influence.

Michelle: What does the perfect fit for Adidas with artists such as Fraarel and Pushy Tie and how do you follow this partnership?
Torben: It returns to all distribution values ​​and mutual respect. We follow all our creative collaborations in the same way by creating our own creators freely and learning each other. In return, the plans are different. Both Farrell and Pusha T are the longest partner in the brand, and our work evolves into a real testimony to a successful partnership.

Michelle: What is the criteria you are following to establish partnership with artists or creators and what do you define in conjunction with the winner?
Torben: Our creators are open to us creatively to be inspired by internal collaboration, but creators outside our brand are creators, artists, and various partners. What brings us together is mutual respect and sharing values. Those who include others in the creative process provide moments for inspiration and collaboration among all participants. In the end, you have the ability to create something beyond what you can do alone.

Michelle: How do you look at technology that changes the design, development and marketing products of AR and VR brands?
Torben: The way we go to market is influenced by the emergence of new technologies and the rise of our clients' new social platforms. Leveraging digital experiences allows us to continue running our customers. We are exploring new technologies in different ways by giving our customers early access to the unreleased product through AR through how we enhance the shopping experience in Complexon with a fully digital shopping platform.

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