Sky News has learned that the European Union and the United States are making new restrictions against Russia after the arrest of 24 Ukrainian sailors on the coast of Crimea.

According to the European sources of Brussels and Washington, President Vladimir Putin is thought to support his actions to strengthen the impact on the administration.

One source said, "There is a good effect when it's normal ground."

Britain and other allies are dismissing new "restrictive measures" announced by the European Union over the coming weeks, with three sources telling Sky News.

Ukrainian sailors were arrested in an effort to pass through Kherch Strait
Ukrainian sailors were arrested in an effort to pass through Kherch Strait

Foreign ministers of 28 EU member states are expected to expect further sanctions as part of a broader debate on the situation in Ukraine at a meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels on Monday.

Russia follows the decision on November 25 to arrest Ukrainian sailors and their three navy when it attempts to pass through the Black Sea to the Azov Sea through the Kretch Strait. The sailors are in custody.

Moscow accuses Ukrainians illegally entering into Russian waters, Kiev refuses.

Moscow accused Ukraine of illegally entering into Russian waters
Moscow accused Ukraine of illegally entering into Russian waters

One source said that with the sign that the shipment has fallen over the past two months, Russia continues to block the flow of ships through the ocean.

His response to Russia's actions in the Azov Sea in Western capitals has been so weak that it is therefore determined that there is no reason for the violation of the international law of the sea.

If there is no action, there is a risk of raising Russia to move forward in this area.

Initially some EU Member States hoped to resolve diplomatically with the Kremlin to conquer Ukrainian sailors and ships.

But there is no indication that Moscow is not planning to release staff.

Putin said he would pull out of the deal in the framework of the same time as in the US
Mr Putin will face further sanctions

"There is no sign that they are not ready to make the ripple," one source said.

Sources said that talks will be held at the tactical, labor-level level within the EU to form new sanctions for a new target that will be responsible for the Karshawa Strait event.

"Some More Names, Asset Finals", added a diplomatic source.

The final decision is yet to be made by the EU but it is expected to happen in the coming weeks.

The EU source said, "What will happen to the political green light with the actual action in the coming weeks."

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