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From our popular article "Signature Guitars: Which Campaign Do You Have?" We have decided to make life easier for those who search for the Douceson Music site for signature models. Signature models of our Top Choices on acoustic, electric and bass guitars.

1. Ed Sheeran

Image of the acoustic guitar

When it comes to Ed Sheran, today there are some artists who strongly divide opinions. Whatever your opinion, man knows how to write a tune and knows his gear. He respects his direct skills to the level of perfection, and his solo orchestral style sells worldwide arches. Although he recently announced in collaboration with Loaden Guitars, his Martin Ed Sheran DVD Electro Acoustic Guitar (Also Available Left hand model) With Sheeran fans and the occasional gig-ready model proved to be a hit for those with a compact footprint.

2. Peter Frampton

When Epiphon announced to resurrect their partnership with Peter Frampton "1964 Texas" And "1954 Les Paul", We are dumped with requests for start date and arrival time. Fortunately, the waiting game will no longer have to endure you!

Epiphon Limited Edition Peter Frampton 1964 Texas

Image of the acoustic guitar

Frampton Texon's primary songwriting instrument helped him to take such success as "Baby I Love Your Way". The image is closely linked to the original design, taking responsibilities as its travel model. It's easy to understand why we can combine premium appointments with the stable production quality that Epiphon can expect, and why it supports it.

Epiphon Limited Edition Peter Frampton Les Paul Custom Pro

Image of an electric guitar

Frampton's 1954 Les Paul made his journey on stage and studio for many years, thinking of a permanent loss after a plane crash. Many years later, Epiphon Les Paul ceased to capture its essence on Custom Pro, and how beautiful she was! With extensive electronics & # 39; s solid play feel and setup for emotional tones, this model eliminates luxury effort from effortless grace. However, only 900 equipment is limited, and they will not last long.

3. Mark Tromonti

Image of an electric guitar

When it comes to signature models, PRS and Mark Tremonti (Alterbridge, Creed, Tremonti) boast a fruitful cooperative history. Who ever voted in the top 10 metal guitarists, Tremonti was a man who knew what he wanted from a band. Likewise, PRS is a company that knows one thing or two about creating good guitars, and their best SE line punch than their price range.

Image of an electric guitar

Our trio of Tremonti models have the same signature single-cutaway body profile, PRS adapts superb vibration control with the trem-up root with the patented tremolo and the thrombosis of the tendmont's preferred thin neck. There are more elaborate touches with unique pickup preparations across each one about the variants, as well as custom finishes with flame maple spores and a breath-taking quilted maple with gray black.

Image of an electric guitar

4. Steve Y.

Image of an electric guitar

When it comes to artist and manufacturer collaboration, it is difficult to think that it is important to both parties between Steve Wei and Ibanese guitars. Voice's mysterious JEM is a feature of the guitar world for 30 years, producing many repetitions in elaborate colors and hosting countless guitars for beginner professionals. The IBanage Steve y Gem Jr. Special The Monkey Grip handle, Lions Class Tremolo, is a good example of the features we can expect from the gem, such as cutting down for vibrating vibration control, combining the belly carve with deep double cutvas, and the heavenly tones produced by heavenly tones. Three of Infinity Pickups. If you want to shred yourself by shelling thousands of pounds, you know what to do.

5. Slash

We ask someone to name a traditional rock guitarist and we are surprised if this person is not mentioned. With the style they call written lyrics, Slash is not just a rock icon, but the name of the house – our grandsons also know who. Therefore, it is fair to say that when they drop the signature pattern, it does not stop for a long time.

However, Epiphon comes once again with trumpets with their affordable guitar pack options for beginners:

Image of an electric guitar

Slash and Les Paul's take on hands, and the Les Paul Special II offers a sweet pattern, which also reduces the player's sensitivity. Include the option to go for packages without packing equipment or without the amp and without the pack and giving you (or yourself) a wonderful presentation for those you love.

Epiphon Limited Edition Slash Firebird

Image of an electric guitar

The Epiphon Limited Edition Slash Firebird Firebird also takes the same timeless offset waist design, but includes some unique appointments specifically requested by Slash himself. The neck is carved to a custom rounded profile to adjust the feelings of the G & # 39; N & # 39; R legend, and Slash's signature Seymour Duncan Humbukers live in the neck and bridge positions. You know that there is an uncompromising axis in your hand since the moment you took it.

6. Jason Hook

Image of an electric guitar

For metallers, here Epiphon Limited Edition Jason Hook M-4 Sharman Explorer Outfit Unwieldy punishment and sighting. Packing on heavy firepower with a pair of Seymour Duncan & 59 JB Humbling Pickups, Hook Signature Model is a dream of a pam-muting metalhead. Are you cutting through repeats when you fall or traveling through solos like animals, it's a pure pleasure machine.

7. Jimmy Page

Image of an electric guitar

We gave the Fender Jimmy page signature Dragon And Mirror Our latest telecaster models are the best Blog article.

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