West Midlands Mayor Andy Street and West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) support the new West Midlands cycling strategy aimed at priority routes for capital.

Ambitious plans, including targeting to increase cycling investments up to £ 10 head each year In a report The WMCA board approved a meeting in Birmingham. The report was created by the Transport for West Midlands (TFWM) report.

The report reaffirms the commitment of most people to change to pedal energy if the report is considering listing a potential investment of £ 250m to improve cycling infrastructure.

The area-wide approach to cycling, the first of the Western Midlands, has been integrated, placing 26 preferred corridors for investment, about 200 km by Birmingham, Black Country, Coventry and Solihull.

Plans to improve cycling structure in the West Midlands:

  • Recruiting Cycling and Walking Ambassador
  • Councils have a major cycling corridor and support to deliver local plans
  • A combination of events for family festival cycling
  • New West Midlands Cycling and Walking Brands
  • Working with communities to create good places for bicycles and walkways
New reports show a £ 250 million investment plan to improve cycling infrastructure in the West Midlands

Mayor of Andy Street, West Midlands said:

"Cycling can reduce traffic congestion, reduce healthcare and pollution, it's good for cyclist and is good for a wide traveling public, so we have ambitious goals to increase the number of traveled by the bike.

"We have already made a significant start and now we have released one of the nation's largest bike share plans for the next bike, and once it's completely out, thousands of bikes are rented on the streets of the West Midlands.

"We're planning to invest in 26 major ways, linking the communities of the West Midlands and giving people a real alternative, because we know that this is a huge amount of ambition for cycling but one of the biggest obstacles to cycling is safety."

Cycling and Walking Minister Jesse Norman, who visited Birmingham earlier this week, said: "Cycling and walking people should improve the quality of the air, encourage healthy exercise and promote most of our roads and economic productivity.

"These new safe wheel routes, which support the Transport Department through the Transforming Cities Fund, help cycling for a natural selection for travel across the area.

"We invest about £ 2 billion to support cycling across the country as part of our long-standing cycling and walking investment strategy."

The Transport Department supports new safe wheel paths through the Transforming City Fund

Leader of the Birmingham City Council, Cllr Ian Ward, said: "People need to change the route to travel in the West Midlands, so that most people are walking and using public transport, one of our most important ambitions is cycling.

"In recent years we have launched innovative plans to get people on their bikes, initiatives such as the Birmingham Cycle Revolution and the award-winning Big Birmingham bikes, that we focus on education, training and many of the benefits of cycling.

"If we are going to persuade more people to make four wheels change in two, people need to feel safe on their bicycles and we need to look at other cycling routes for all areas with road layout.

"By increasing investment in cycling and walking, we suggest our decision to improve air quality, tackle traffic and improve the health of the people of the area."

WMCA has approved the West Midlands report for transportation of area cycling

The Wolverhampton Council led the WMCA Portfolio for City Transport and Leadership Cllr Roger Lawrence said: "Cycling and walking are an important part of a comprehensive transportation system.

"We are experiencing revolution in transportation in this area by investing new rail, tram and rapid bus routes, and we are equally ambitious for cycling."

The WMCA Board has already set £ 6 million from the Area's Transforming Cities Fund and is now used to deliver one of the preferred cycle routes proposed in today's reports.

It is also estimated that around £ 104 million will be invested in the West Midlands Cycling infrastructure over the next four years. This usually employs facilities with other development.

The full report can be downloaded Here.

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A report has been approved, including goals aimed at ambitious plans and cycling investments up to £ 10 a year.
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