"Transformers" is perhaps the most bizarre and bizarre mainstream film franchise – if you're a fan of the huge genre I'm acting on, it's a commendable thing. Finally, with "The Last Night", let's look at the latest Michael Bay Opus live-action "Transformers" movies.

6. "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" (2009)

Everything about this just … too. And Arse (RC) Twins, aka the racial cartoons can not be simply stated.

5. "Transformers: Age of Extinction" (2014)

Michael BayThe Freedomist Squared is quite fun, but kind of straightforward frustration. We prefer these films when they stand in the paranoid theory of paranoid government.

4. "Transformers: The Last Night" (2017)

Easily "Transformers" movie is not very incomprehensible, but not funny – thanks Anthony Hopkins He has a full time of his life. It's more visually striking than anything else Michael BayMovies.

3. "Transformers" (2007)

By the standards of this franchise, the first movie was closer to the "normal" movie. It's great, but not quite extreme.

2. "Bumblebee" (2018)
It's more chill, more coherent, and more common than other ones. And, yes, it's nice. Highly Steinfeld is a miracle that can appeal to those feelings against CGI robots.

1. "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" (2011)

The third film, however, is precisely overloaded, and the third act is just a solid hour of urban robot warfare. No more John Malkovich Exotic and Frances McDermond The necessary government would be Stugaz. To close it all, you've got the treacherous Leonard Nimoy-Boat trying out in the Apocalypse from Chicago's Trump Tower – in 2017, no "Transformers" image is supposed to be right.

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