The rap sees the stars who posted the nude celis.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Nude is the queen of Celice, and the singer is often disputed with her nasty and exposed Instagram posts and clothes. Nine weeks ago, the film dropped down for the camera, and fans commented that the film was obscene.

Chrissy Tejen

This model wanted her friend Marisa Matins to celebrate her birthday in the Instagram – completely nude behind her husband, John Legend.

"Happy Birthday @ Marcissamso," is the title of the movie Teaser.

Nicki Minaj

With the nude pretty dangerous to choose, Minaj let her hair down this nude.

Kim Kardashian

In March, when he posted Nug with the title, Kardashian broke the Internet saying, "I do not want you to wear LOL." The film caused some backlash and supported by others.

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Emily Rattakovsky

Razzakowski has shown exactly what he has got in the instagram and also supports parents Kim KardashianTheir steam photo with reality star.Chelsea handler

Handler installed the Internet in fire when posting an overloaded picture on a horse to fight against Instagram's nipple policies. Her photo was removed, but she was uploading it. In February 2015, he uploaded a picture titled "Thanks for My Twitter", on Twitter.

[note: we censored the image]

Geraldo Rivera

In 2013, the Bathroom Mirror posted a self titled Rivera titled, "70 is the new 50." Then he removed it but accused the incident of tequila.

The game

Rapper has made headlines since October Justin BieberButt with picture in their briefs.

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Justin Bieber

"Sorry" singer once again likes to hit his butt on Instagram again on a tropical vacation in July, once again from a camping trip.

John Legend

In response to Bieber's Butt's outrage, Chrissy Tygen posted her husband's butt to Instagram.

Tara Reid

"American Pie" star likes to post his own pictures in a bikini, but during his New Year holiday in Mexico, Reed posted a picture of an entirely naked appearance in the Instagram.

Christina Aguilera

"Genie in a Bottle" singer wants to get "personal" with his fans, and the cheetah has printed the hat but posted the Mirror Self. Pink Women.

Demi Lovato

The singer lifted her down for her Instagram in October, the title of the film, "What's wrong with confidence? # Vanityfire #confired"

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Tyson Beckford

This model has posted several color pictures in its snapshot, and is also posted to their Instagram.

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