2018 was a turbulent year. For many, most are the hardest period of firing, integration and payawal. But for others, it was a triumphant time.

Sean Hannity: The Wrap Media Winner's list appeared on the Fox News Host # 1 rated cable news show, but he called on his unique personal relationship with President Trump, calling him a regular, high-ranking candidate.

Brian Goldberg: In a disgusting year for the media, the Basil Kingpin had an extraordinary success, wiped out by layoffs and reinforcements. Bargain basement discounts Gawacker and Mike.com's acquisitions indicate the growing digital empire's plans.

Los Angeles Times: Traditional Law Broadcast Tronck is the loser's loser in the disastrous leadership. However, paper, half billion dollars billionaire Patrick Soon-Sheong rescues. Now, Swanky is expanding in new offices.

Chris Cuomo: CNN Anchor always stands on the network's morning show "New Day", but has finally entered its own entrance since going to PrimeTime in June this year. Kyomo is still behind his rivals in MSNBC and Fox News, but pours new life at the head of his former host Anderson Cooper.

Hope Hicks: Former White House Communications Director and Trump Visfier dismissed the White House scandal freely and famed in February. In her "new" Fox, she acquired a valuable new gig serving as chief of archers. As you are only 30 years old, you will hear her more in the coming years.

Washington Examiner: Trump-lining D.C. after hunting New York Post op-ed editor Seth Mandel Tabloid combines new power. This paper will be expanded nationally next year, weekly Standard (its closure)

Ronan Farrow: Fuzzy MSNBC journalist Ronan Farrow reported some of the great stories of the Mitchell movement. Their pieces of Harvey Weinstein, Les Moonways and New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's New Yorker have played a major role in ending their career. He received the Pulitzer Prize for his efforts, and in his spare time – wrote a best-selling book on foreign policy.

Shari Redstone: National amusements spent uberboss 2018 scaming against rival CBS chief Les Moonways, and tried to force the merger between CBS and Vi. A MeToo scandal is a good thing (potentially without stupidity) puts the moons and makes the merge right now.

Fox & Friends: President Trump watches at the country's top cable news show at President's Religious Believers. When they have been in 2011, they sometimes call for long monologues about the world's problems. Parts of the program are regularly recovered to the President's Twitter feed and can shape the news cycles in days. When the host is upset with him, he often tells him directly in the camera.

Rachel Mado: Trump era America also created the crops of # protest leaders, the brightest star Rachel Madov. MSNBC expresses recent details of the Host Russia investigation at night and the latest scandal gives more speculation about how to take the trump. Her and her show received a rating in ratings, the most notable (non-fox-based) anchor in cable news.

Megin Kelly: Yes, she may have missed her NBC program. But the ratings are declining and everyone has acknowledged that it was a bad fit anyway. Now the former "Today" star takes place with a $ 30 million separation package, and if you do not think all the books you say are coming, you're not paying attention.

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