So, after receiving back stage updates from his team that, Sereena conference Hall was almost full to capacity, a delighted Benda then emerged on stage at about 9:00pm dressed in all-white attire accompanied by dancers dressed in matching attire as he started it off with ‘Onabaayo’ and then the original ‘Farmer.’

His all-white costume accessorized with precious stone gave him the royal look.

ATTENTIVE: Buganda Katikiro Okek Charles Peter Mayiga was in the VIP section following the proceedings.[Best Here Activations SXSW 2019 Are 5 ATXgossip8217s Of]

So when D-Day arrived yesterday, all was set and he had done his part and with his belief and faith left the rest to the almighty.

Katikiro of Buganda Owek Charles Peter Mayiga who was the chief guest did not survive the rapper’s light jibes as did Gagamel boss Bebe Cool, Lydia Jasmine Rajeev Rupareia and a few recognizable names in the crowd.[15 A Already Season Contestant Is Causing Controversy Bachelorette]

He personally moved door to door drumming up hype for the concert as he tried to sell VIP tables and tickets to the event.He shouldered on just like the Gladiator he turned into and concluded with songs like ‘Muna Kampala’, ‘Amina’, ‘Eva’, ‘Kwiso Bando’ and ‘Happy people’ before bidding farewell at exactly 1AM.

Flying like an Angel: Benda says his was hard work that brought him here.[Spoilers Reality And Are Engaged Together Steve The Cassie Still Bachelor 2019 Colton After]

Thank you for supporting me.I dedicate this to my father who believed in me” He said before singing ‘Mama’ on bended knees for his dear mother.

.The king of free style did not disappoint as he did his thing going about the business with the smoothness of a snake as he glided among the revelers picking a few common personalities along the way and throwing in one or two hilarious lines.[In Jada Jordyn Unfollows Support Pinkett Kris Khlo Smith Reportedly Kim Woods 038 Of]

After close to four months of intense pressure emanating from the rigors of organizing a concert; which involves search for sponsorship, rehearsals, publicity and ticket sales, a completely worn out Ykee Benda was finally relieved after his concert got the much-sort event crowd last night at Kampala Serena Hotel.

Remebered: Moze Radio’s portrait hangs in the background as he was once again given a befitting tribute.[How Finally Her Bieber About Feels Still Loving We Know Justin Gomez Selena]

However, the ‘Kireka Boy’ as he affectionately refers to himself, was overcome by emotions and constantly broke down into tears as he could not hold back his excitement and spent most of the time ‘thanking God and everyone else who made it possible’ for the event to succeed.

And the Gladiator had to soldier on till the end on a draining night.[Jagger 039Needs Stones Treatment039 Postpone To Medical Rolling Tour Mick]

Coming from a religious background, Benda dedicated all his preparations for the event to God where he even announced publically that he would abstain from sex and also refrain from so many ‘earthly acts’.He recently crowned it with a prayer session organized by his family and friends just a few days to D-Day.

Just like the impressive costume department, Steve Jean had done a good job with production and other acts like the sooth Ray, Afrie, Spring Gents and Gospel singer Levixone brought in some much-needed energy at the end to help out the tiring YKee Bender a man so tender.[Housewives Season Teases Atlanta Of 11 Real Leakes Of NeNe The]

A serving king: Benda dressed like an African traditional king, sings for Buganda Kingdom Prome Minister Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga

Deadly Combination: Josepgh Sax and Mycho Ouma doing their thing,

By this time the fatigue had taken its toll on the young musician who kept on going though because he hadn’t performed his hit songs and yet it was way past midnight.[About To 7 Lipstick That Hacks Girl Need Every Know]

This emotional moment was crowned when he joined them at the VIP table and gave them a warm embrace hugging them tightly as more tears streamed off his cheeks.

Smart and relieved after a four-month stressful period.[038 Kanye 8216Saved8217 Spiritual Kim Counselor Marriage Kardashian Wests Was A By]

Yet another big ‘Thanks You’ to mummy and daddy



The post YKee Benda Finally Relieved With Tears Of Joy As ‘Singa Concert’ Gets The Numbers appeared first on Chano8.

Ykee Benda real names Tugume Wycliffe, seemed to have bitten more than he could chew when he announced last November that he would be hosting his maiden concert dubbed ‘Singa Concert’ at Kampala Serena Hotel.His critics immediately jumped on the ‘it will flop’ band wagon basing on the fact that he is still young in the filed for only for the budding Chemical Engineer, only to prove them wrong last night “Because I had a dream and pursued it” as put in his own words.[Out Prank On Girlfriend After She His Shows Him Of Beating Played Up A Crap The Disturbing Video Break Guy]

After this frenzied session, Benda returns, dressed as an Angle with wings to symbolize his take off stage where he is now flying after following his dreams. “This represents imperfection and hard work.

After performing a combination of slow songs like ‘Angel’, ‘Diana’ and ‘Superman’ Rema Namakula joined in for ‘Whistle’ before concluding this session done on bar stools with ‘Touch My Body’

The next session was of Raggae dedicated to the late Moze Radio where Benda sang some of the late’s songs followed by covers from Bob Marley.He was constantly updating followers on social media and even engaged in scuffles with some particularly fellow artiste APass although the fight ended after he apologized just 3 days to the event.[South Found Uber Car An After Student Apparently Thought She Carolina College Dead Entering Was]

YKee Benda finally receives blessings and his prayers were finally answered as ‘Singa Concert’ doesn’t flop as predicted by many so called music analysts.

It was now time to go back to the roots as Benda emerges like some powerful African king carried shoulder high on a ‘Royal Seat’ by mugged guards as he performs some cultural dances accompanied by waist-wriggling girls before acknowledging his sponsors and singing the concert theme song ‘Singa’ in an Afro-soul rhythm as Joseph Sax who had just completed a breath-taking Afro-Jazz session with Mycho Ouma added in the Jazz touches.[A AFRICAN WANTS TIGER WOODS SOUTH GARY BLACK PLAYER]

He was shortly joined by the ‘Smallest Rapper’ Feffe Bussi who gave him a breather to get composed again.It means you can achieve your dreams when you work for them.Benda tells fans who turned up in big numbers for the show.

Ykee Benda got the full house crowd at Kampala Serena Hotel he has been praying for.[BE KING PLAYER GAME GROWING TO MUST SAYS AMATEURS KEEP]
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