Bishop Ellis just showed everyone what not to do to a woman…ever.What better way to celebrate an influential musician’s life than to have a musical tribute? One of the most memorable performers was Ariana Grande.pic.twitter.com/Tra5dqz6U1

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Poor Ari.Ellis III was spotted inappropriately groping Ariana Grande at Aretha Franklin’s funeral earlier today.The appropriate reaction for accidentally touching someone in the wrong place is to move your hand away from said place immediately.This guy, however, continued to dig his fingers into her skin.

According to Washington Post, bishop Charles Ellis got too handsy while congratulating Ari on her performance.Maybe it was somewhat casual but it was nothing out of the ordinary.Was it just a normal mistake or did he truly take advantage of her? The video below captures the awkward moment:

#RespectAriana is now trending worldwide after Bishop Charles H.[Angle An Sebastian What 8211 Oh Stan My] .She couldn’t have looked more uncomfortable if she tried.Unfortunately, she is not making the news for her powerful voice, but for what a bishop did while he was next to her.[Laid Perry Rest Tennessee To In Burial Been Luke Private Has]

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Aretha Franklin’s funeral brought in celebrities from all corners of the country.In case anyone was unaware, it IS possible to hug someone without touching them like that.[Addresses Housewives Filming Vanderpump Beverly Cohen Hills Real Lisa That Rumors Andy Isn8217t Of]

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The main counterargument against Ellis’ actions was that the singer was wearing a short dress.Maybe I crossed the border, maybe I was too friendly or familiar but again, I apologize.” Dude, your hand landed on a woman’s breast and you proceeded to fondle her and leave it there for a long period of time.However, it makes no sense that the bishop would notice Grande’s legs and then decide that his next move would be to touch her boob while locking her in a tight embrace.

Her microexpresions say it all, she may have been saying all is fine with her words and trying to act "normal" but her face and body language said otherwise, he knew what was he doing.#RespectAriana #TimeIsUp pic.twitter.com/wUTtFxueqm

— Melissa Lombardi (@Melly_ci) September 2, 2018

Shockingly, people noticed that this embrace was not normal, and the hashtag #respectAriana started trending on Twitter.This may come as a surprise, but most people would not view that type of action as a “hug.”

I see Aretha Franklin’s amazing funeral has been reduced to a couple creepy old guys ogling and inappropriately touching Ariana Grande…

What a time to be alive.[Full Bob Speaks Loughlin039s House 039You Amid Out Love039 Scandal Costar Lori Saget Love You Who]
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